5 More Speed Cameras Set Up Around Town

There are more than 300 speed cameras in Washington, D.C.
There are more than 300 speed cameras in Washington, D.C.

New speed enforcement cameras in the District were activated by the Metropolitan Police Department May 4. The five new locations joint the more 300 speed camera locations across the city, according to the District Department of Transportation.

During the first 30 days, violators will receive a warning ticket. Once the 30-day period is ended, speeders will receive a full-fledged speeding tickets.

Speed cameras -- two of which are next to Georgetown -- have just been set up at: = 2600 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW, northbound = 4400 block of Reservoir Road NW, eastbound = 700 block of Maryland Avenue NW, southbound   = 2400 block of 18th Street NE, southbound = 3000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE, northwestbound  

According to WJLA News, the District saw a sharp drop in revenue from $75 million in fiscal 2013 to $37 million in fiscal 2014.

In April, six new cameras were set up at: = 6100 block of Eastern Avenue NE, southeastbound = 3200 block of Fort Lincoln Drive NE, southbound = 600 block of Kenilworth Avenue NE, southbound = 1400 block of South Capitol Street, northbound and southbound = 1900 block of Branch Avenue SE, southbound

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