Will on the Hill Offers 'Summer Madness'

Ed McAllister, Christine Warnke and John McNerney.
Mary BIrd
Ed McAllister, Christine Warnke and John McNerney.

Now in its 13th year, Will on the Hill raised more than $500,000 for the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s education programs June 15. The performance at Sidney Harman Hall opened with students from West Springfield High School presenting their concept of a scene from "As You like It." Actors Edward Gero, Brandon Uranowitz and Samira Wiley led members of Congress and media personalities in "Summer Madness," in which two lobbyists vie for a job at the lobbying firm Stratford, Avon and Bard. Shakespeare’s heroes and heroines soon join the fray. Following the hilarity, guests enjoyed a buffet prepared by Design Cuisine.

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Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:02:54 -0400

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