Capricorn Party Honors Sarnoff

Gene Carl Feldman

Under heightened security, guests entered the Embassy of France Jan. 14 to attend the first Capricorn party, named after the late legendary Lolo Sarnoff’s annual birthday fete. Sarnoff was truly a renaissance figure who excelled as a Swiss-German artist, scientist and philanthropist. In 1988, at age 72, she founded greater Washington’s Arts for the Aging (AFTA) to engage older adults in health improvement and life enhancement through the arts. AFTA Director & CEO Janine Tursini remembered Sarnoff as “my friend and mentor.” Matt Hastings recalled Lolo’s wit when she remarked, “They tell me the music is country. Which country?”

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Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:04:33 -0400

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