D.C. Group Marches in Support of Freddie Gray

Marchers on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the Wilson Building April 30.
Erin Schaff
Marchers on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the Wilson Building April 30.

D.C. Ferguson led a rally on April 29 evening for Freddie Gray, the unarmed black man who died after his spine was severed while he was in police custody in Baltimore.

Last night's march in Chinatown began on the corner of H and 7th Streets NW around 7 p.m. Protestors gathered around the Friendship Archway and the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro entrance, where they listened to Bridzette Lane speak. Lane is the mother of Rafael Briscoe, an 18-year-old who was shot and killed by the Metropolitan Police Department in April 2011.

The group, which grew to include around 500 people, continued on to the Wilson Building, D.C.'s equivalent of city hall, chanting “No justice. No peace. No more racist police.”

Demonstrators had multiple mantras: “Black lives matter. All lives matter” and “All night, all day, I will fight for Freddie Gray.” D.C. Ferguson led the group toward the final location on the path, the White House.

The march caused several street closures throughout the city. D.C. police were along the marchers’ route the whole time. The peaceful protest was allowed to go on without interruptions and with no arrests.

Protests took place all around the country on Wednesday night to show solidarity with Baltimore, including New York City, Boston, Houston, Albuquerque and Indianapolis. Several demonstrators in New York City have reportedly been arrested.

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