Maureen Dowd and Alec Baldwin on the Arts

Alec Baldwin, Maureen Dowd and Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., at 701 Restaurant.
Photo by Patrick G. Ryan
Alec Baldwin, Maureen Dowd and Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., at 701 Restaurant.

Georgetowner and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd was introduced by her friend Alec Baldwin March 24 for the Americans for the Arts -- Nancy Hanks Lecture at the Kennedy Center.

Dowd spoke of funding for the arts with her trademark wit, but she first spoke to Baldwin, saying, “… I’m so happy that you’re back in public life, even if it’s only for tonight. More than anyone I’ve ever met, you’re in love with the arts. You are celebrated in the arts community both for your incredible talent and your incredible generosity -- not only with the millions you’ve given but with your own time and fierce lobbying efforts. And now that you’ve played a caustic, Irish, Pulitzer-Prize-winning New York newspaper columnist on ‘Law & Order,’ you can come write my column anytime you want. I’d like to see you take on Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan.”

Dowd then launched into her lecture: “It is a great honor to deliver the Nancy Hanks Lecture. I am humbled both by my theme and by my predecessors. And I must candidly admit I was quite surprised to be asked to give a lecture on the arts. The arts, after all, ruined my life. My love life, that is.”

Later, everyone met at 701 Restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue. (As requested by publicists, no media were allowed to ask Baldwin questions during the VIP media cocktail hour.)

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