A Walking and Biking Trail from Palisades to Georgetown?

A signs arguing the trail is better in it's "natural" state.
Doug Dupin
A signs arguing the trail is better in it's "natural" state.

The Palisades Citizen’s Association announced May 30 that it is still in the “talking process” to help develop a walking and biking trail project that extends from the Palisades to Georgetown.

This prospective trail project is expected to extend a little more than three miles from Georgetown to Galena Road along the Potomac River.

This project will include a paved trail which will give room for bicyclists, joggers and pedestrians to enjoy the trail as well as repairing old bridges in Glover Archbold Park.

Some in the neighborhood, however, have expressed their concerns and have posted signs arguing that the trail is better in its own “natural” state. The signs urged people to make their voices be heard by officials so that the development plan is not approved.

As to the concerns raised by some in the neighborhood, the Palisades Citizens’ Association said that it is looking to host meeting to find a general consensus from the people before developing this project any further.

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