Saying Farewell to 'Man About Town' Bob Madigan

Bob Madigan and Jill Collins
Mary Bird
Bob Madigan and Jill Collins

Bob Madigan was saluted by his legion of media pals and friends wearing sequined bowties at Carmine’s in the Penn Quarter for an afternoon reception on Jan. 11 as he leaves 50 years on the air to head for Maine. Tommy McFly heralded Madigan’s support of nonprofits, restaurateurs and his many good deeds before leading a vocal tribute “with apologies to Billy Joel,” as “She’s Always A Woman To Me” was revamped to “Bob, Man About Town To Me.” Lyrics included “Fifty years on the air have gone by in a flash. There’s a hammock that’s calling him and his cat Max.” It was a well-deserved heartfelt appreciation of a special friend.

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Jan 17, 2014 at 9:54 PM James Kelch

God bless
Calm seas
Soft landings

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