Public Works Floods the Town With Trash Containers

D.C.’s Department of Public Works has delivered new trash and recycling containers to residents in Georgetown. But you knew that -- and saw that. Georgetown is awash in old and new trash and recycling containers, some of which make no sense for those who in rowhouses that have no side alleys. One resident looked bemused and annoyed and said, “I am not taking that through my living room.” Georgetown already enough trash and recycling boxes or barrels hanging around its sidewalks and front steps.

There will be time to express yourself at the April 28 meeting of the local advisory neighborhood commission at Georgetown Visitation Prep on 35th Street.

Jeff Jones of the ANC offered the following advice:

First, read and follow the instructions in the pamphlet provided with the new containers.

If you plan to keep the new containers:

Please remove them from public space. Containers are to be placed on the point of collection during DPW collection hours only. Generally, public space in Georgetown starts at the exterior wall (or very close to) most all of the rowhouse-type dwelling. Therefore, placing them on the sidewalk up against your home, is likely not within code. Note: disabled or elderly may obtain a waiver to have DPW collect from private space on a case by case basis. Please place the yellow stickers on your old container(s) for removal by DPW, and the current process requires you to call 311 to have those picked up.

If you do not want the new containers:

Most of the residents contacting me prefer this option, due to the larger size of the recycling container, making it more difficult to store on private space. You may place the stickers on one or both of the new containers, and call 311 to have them picked up. Continue using your current container(s) and if you would prefer you may purchase a container from a private vendor. Again, please only place the containers to the POC during collection hours only.

ANC2e is working with DPW in attempt to schedule a wholesale old and/or new container pickup date, but this has not been confirmed. This would negate the current requirement to call 311 for pickup, however please follow the instructions on the pamphlet in the meantime.

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Thu, 22 Jun 2017 23:34:36 -0400

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