Malmaison Celebrates a Real Grand Opening

The Popal family U.S.A.: Omar, Zubair, Shamim, Fatima and Mustafa.
Robert Devaney
The Popal family U.S.A.: Omar, Zubair, Shamim, Fatima and Mustafa.

A nice blend of grand opening party-goers were treated to the tastes, sounds and look of the Popals' latest restaurant creation, Malmaison, at 34th and K, Oct. 15.

Down at the Georgetown waterfront, the restaurant has been open and active for a few months already. As Zubair Popal mentioned in a message, "I know, I know," there have been several parties already, but this was the real deal for the new hot spot.

Other restaurants by the Popal family include Cafe Bonaparte on Wisconsin Avenue and Napoleon Bistro on Columbia Road. The multi-tasking Malmaison serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as being available for special events and meetings. It is named after French Empress Josephine's estate outside Paris, and its original name means something like "bad" or "ill-fated house." Well, in a different time and space, the new incarnation seems happily situated. After all, there is nothing mal about this Malmaison.

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