Neighborhood Cameras Help Catch Thief

Remember those garage break-ins during the summer, when bicycles were stolen? Well, it looks like the community cameras proved their worth in solving crimes.

From the Metropolitan Police Department: “One of the cameras in the Georgetown business district picked up images of someone pushing two bicycles at the same time. Thinking this suspicious and wanting to know more about what was going on, MPD created a still from the video and distributed it as a sort of ‘wanted’ poster. One of the recipients of this request for additional information works for CSOSA-- the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency-- and she recognized the person in the image as a released prisoner managed by her agency and provided his name. When MPD issued its warrant, they found the suspect had just been arrested the previous day for another reason and was incarcerated in Fairfax County. There’s a ‘hold’ on him so that if and when he’s released in Fairfax County, he’ll be sent here for questioning in our local theft cases. “

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