CAG, BID Urge Metro to Build Georgetown Station

Will Metrorail come to Georgetown in your lifetime? The Citizens Association of Georgetown and the Georgetown Business Improvement District wrote a joint letter to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Nov. 6 to voice their support of a Georgetown Metrorail stop. Mentioning Georgetown as a major retail center in D.C. without a Metro station and BID’s effort, known as Georgetown 2028, that shows a subway stop as a top transportation priority, CAG and BID wrote that they “endorse the Momentum Plan proposal to create a separate Blue Line station in Rosslyn during the 2013-15 strategic plan period. We strongly encourage immediate planning for the extension of this separated Blue Line to downtown D.C. via Georgetown so that cross-Potomac tunnel construction can proceed immediately from the separate Rosslyn tunnel boring.”

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Thu, 24 Apr 2014 11:20:57 -0400

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