Percy Plaza Dedicated at Waterfront Park

Sharon Percy Rockefeller admired her copy of a new D.C. street sign for Percy Plaza.
Robert Devaney
Sharon Percy Rockefeller admired her copy of a new D.C. street sign for Percy Plaza.

The Senator Charles H. Percy Plaza was officially opened May 23 at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and K Street. Percy Plaza forms the gateway to Georgetown Waterfront Park, which the longtime Republican senator from Illinois and Georgetown resident helped make a reality by his leadership and commitment in the park's development.

Bob vom Eigen, president of Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park, welcomed park supporters and volunteers as children played in the water fountain next to them. Along with the Percy family, vom Eigen thanked those who worked to complete the park, such as Grace Bateman and Jonda McFarlane. Councilman Jack Evans thanked the District Government for the additional millions of dollars for the park and all those who worked to get the park completed.

Percy loved the water and loved to swim each day, said daughter WETA president and CEO Sharon Percy Rockefeller. "He would be humbled but very proud" of the plaza named after him, she said of her father. With that, the Percy family and friends walked towards K Street and pulled the cord to unveil a new D.C. street sign: "Senator Charles H. Percy Plaza."


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