Nyls & Kate: The Fork Advanced

Kate Samuels and Nyls du Terroir
Kate Samuels and Nyls du Terroir

In the May 8, 2013 issue, our In Country section featured Celebrating Equestrian Life which celebrated the equestrian lifestyle of Virgina. In continuing the celebration, meet Kate Samuels and her horse, Nyls du Terroir. Watch as they tackle the Advanced cross country course at The Fork Horse Trials in 2013, finishing clear with 8.4 time penalties to finish the class in 5th place.

Check out the video of Nyls and Kate riding the course. Kate is fitted with a helmet mounted camera that allows the viewer a great perspective the ride.

Nyls & Kate: The Fork Advanced from Kate Samuels on Vimeo.

Kate Samuels In 2009 had the honor of being named the Young Adult Intermediate Rider of the year, as well as being listed in the Developing Riders program for the past three years. Kate is currently seeking students in the Charlottesville, Virginia area, as well as pursuing both corporate and private sponsorship in her journey towards Olympic competition.

To learn more about KateSamuels and Nyls, visit www.katesamuels.com

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