Another Commencement Weekend in Washington

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington

It’s another commencement weekend in Washington which may (or may not) supply some relief from the scandals--the IRS, Benghazi, the AP--and sports woes--the Caps, the sliding Nationals, not living up to expectations. As for extra neighborhood traffic, we can't help you with that.

At Georgetown University, a host of distinguished speakers—from Nobel Prize winners, to heads of state to high government officials, will send graduates from the various schools—from college to foreign service and graduate school—off to a brighter future over a four-day series of commencement events that ends Sunday.

George Washington University may not a host of speakers but does have one who’s got a little bit of star power and dazzle. That would be one Kerry Washington, B. A., GWU class of ’98, who graduated from the university magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa and has previously served as on the university’s board of trustees. Washington will be the main speaker at GWU commencement ceremonies on the National Mall on Sunday.

Lest we forget Washington’s acting career has gone into the kind of warp drive which has become both ubiquitous and deserved. In films, she recently starred as Broomhilda von Schaft in Quentin Tarrentino’s unique take on slavery “Djano Unchained," with Jamie Foxx, with whom she performed with in “Ray,” for which she won an NAACP image award. She is also currently wowing network television in the Washington-based series “Scandal,” in which she is the first African American woman to headline a network TV show since 1974.

Georgetown University holds graduation ceremonies for each of its undergraduate and professional schools as well as award celebrations on campus, beginning today and ending Sunday.

“Our commencement speakers this year are extraordinary individuals, representing the highest levels of excellence in a diverse array of fields—from public service to public health, education, economics and humanitarian endeavors,” said Georgetown University president John DeGioia. “By sharing their experience and wisdom, they offer inspirations to our students who are themselves at this moment in their lives, envisioning the impact they can make in our world.

Here’s a list of speakesr at the various events and schools:

Lt. General David H. Huntoon Jr, Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, at the Army ROTC Commissioning Ceremony, Friday at Gaston Hall.

Eric Maskin, Adams University Professor of Economics at Harvard University, and Nobel Memorial Prize winner in Economics, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Healy Lawn Friday, .

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, Georgetown Public Policy Institute Awards Ceremony, Friday at the Leavey Center Ballroom.

Mauro L. I. Viera, Ambassador of Brazil to the U.S., McDonough School of Business at Healy Lawn, Friday.

Gerald M. “Jerry” DeFrancisco, President of Humanitarian Services for the American Red Cross, for School of Continuing Studies at Healy Lawn, Friday.

Marc Grossman, U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Master of Science in Foreign Service Awards Ceremony, Gaston Hall, Friday.

Lisa J. Shannon, Founder of Run for Congo Women and a Thousand Sisters Campaign, , Saturday, Healy Lawn for Doctor of Human Letters, College of Arts and Science.

Dir. Lisa Simpson, President and CEO, Academy Health , School of Nursing and Health Studies, Healy Lawn, Saturday.

Dalia Grybauskaite, President of the Republic of Lithuania, School of Foreign Service, Saturday, Healy Lawn.

William M. Cowan, U.S. Senator representing Massachusetts, McDonough School of Business, Saturday,

(For all George Washington University and Georgetown University activities, times and details go to the schools' websites -- and

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