Manon Cleary’s Loving Tribute at the Arts Club

F. Steven Kijek, Valca Valentine, David Mordini
Mary Bird
F. Steven Kijek, Valca Valentine, David Mordini

Washington lost one of its leading artists a year ago when figurative painter Manon Cleary succumbed to the lung disease she had contracted from many years of teaching in improperly ventilated studios. Her husband F. Steven Kijek memorialized his love for her and shed light on her artistry in an Evening with Extraordinary Artist series at the Arts Club Feb. 27. Kijek spoke of the classical precision gleaned through her study of Caravaggio and went on to chronicle the various stages of her work through slide and film. As he tackles five trunks of untouched archives, he hopes to bring Manon’s art to a higher level of recognition, which will require “time, money and connections.”


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