Jack's Boathouse Fight Now Up to Court

"The NPS violated the federal judge's restraint order," Jack's Boathouse owner Paul Simkin told the Georgetowner March 4. "Our lawyer has filed an emergency motion for sanctions against NPS for violations."

The same day the National Park Service announced that B&G Outdoor Recreation of Boston would be awarded the contract to operate at the site of Jack's Boathouse at 3500 K St., NW, it also handed an eviction notice to Simkin March 1.

In the announcement about the new contract, the NPS said bids for the property "were accepted through February 6, 2013, but Jack's Canoes and Kayaks did not respond." Simkin told Fox 5 News: "That's because they had a restraining order from federal court giving them more time to sort things out. He says the letter states in part, 'The NPS indicates its agreement not to take any action against the plaintiff until March 31, 2013. So that's why this is all the more confusing, March 1, to be given an eviction notice.' "

"We've filed in Federal court," said Simkin, whose eviction by the National Park Service in December was changed last month to a wait-and-see. "The following is a statement I've put out to supporters."

". . . We are suing the NPS and National Park Foundation to stop them from taking Jack’s—and to have the court determine whether the NPS or the NPF even have the right to try to get rid of Jack’s. . . . All of this legal stuff goes against our primary philosophy of providing a laid-back experience where you can paddle, use the grills, and maybe just lower your blood pressure a little.

"While this may not be the fight of the century, it sure is a big deal to our employees and customers and is likely to take several years to resolve unless the NPS and the NPF come to their senses. . . . In the meantime, enjoy the water, enjoy Jack’s and we will do our part by making sure the experience remains one worth fighting for."

"We are not going to abandon the community or our thousands of supporters," Simkin said.

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Tue, 27 Jun 2017 11:47:10 -0400

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