Teddy & the Bully Bar Gets Inaugurated Today

Strawberry Julep at Teddy & the Bully Bar
Tim Riethmiller
Strawberry Julep at Teddy & the Bully Bar

Walking into Teddy & the Bully Bar on 19th Street, NW, is like entering the Roosevelt World for “a robust & refined experience.” Preceded by sister restaurant, Lincoln, Teddy joins the Presidential Restaurant Group family and makes its inaugural debut June 24.

Owner Alan Popovsky of Presidential Restaurant Group brings Theodore Roosevelt’s cowboy persona to life through savory shared plates, sweet cocktails, and the restaurant’s very fitting décor. Bar consultant and mixologist John Hogan, who also perfected Lincoln’s cocktail program will bring complementary cocktail flavors to Teddy’s.

Artist and interior designer Maggie O’Neill of O’Neill Studios personally provided all wall art for Teddy’s new humble abode. Take a walk into the women’s restroom and look into mirror to read a rewritten "Pledge of Allegiance," beginning with, “I pledge allegiance to all of the badass women of America,” inspired by Alice Roosevelt, Teddy’s eldest daughter, a Washingtonian.

In honor of Roosevelt being the 26th President of the United States, the very American cocktail menu features 26 day barrel aged old fashioneds, among with new favorites that Teddy would love.

The Strawberry julep brings a new twist on an age-old favorite. It features Woodford Reserve bourbon, strawberry ginger shrub, fresh mint, and comes in a julep cup to keep the sweet flavors nice and cold. First made popular as a mint julep, it was popularized at the Round Robin Bar of the Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue during the 1800s, making the Kentucky Derby look like it just ran its first race.

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