BID Annual Meeting With Mayor

Georgetown BID CEO Joe Sternlieb, Mayor Vincent Gray and BID chair president Crystal Sullivan.
Robert Devaney
Georgetown BID CEO Joe Sternlieb, Mayor Vincent Gray and BID chair president Crystal Sullivan.

The Georgetown Improvement District held its annual meeting June 11 at the Powerhouse building on Grace Street. Georgetown BID board president Crystal Sullivan welcomed the group and touted the BID’s “new era” under CEO Joe Sternlieb. Also recognized were new employees Jonathon Kass as the BID’s first ever transportation  director and Joshua Hermias as its first ever economic development  director.

The BID’s Clean Team under Bill Baker was applauded as well as “employee of the year” Andrew Gill. For its part in revitalizing Washington Harbour and establishing the popular ice skating rink, MRP Realty received the first-ever Community Leadership Award, accepted by MRP’s Bob Murphy. The rink, which opened to the public in November, was “transformative,” Sternlieb said. MRP’s work made a big impact on Georgetown and has attracted new visitors.

Mayor Vincent Gray complimented the BID for its 2028 plan and talked about the District’s own five-year plan, which includes 100,000 new jobs and $1 billion in new tax revenue. Gray cited the ending of “retail leakage,” bringing businesses like Costco to the city, as well as regulation streamlining to make D.C. more business-friendly and adding new high-tech jobs -- perhaps even Microsoft in Anacostia, he mused -- thus allowing D.C. to be less dependent on the federal government for jobs. Gray also cited the medical industry and tourism as big employees, while he added that D.C. was going after foreign investors, too.

The BID continues to conduct its 15-year plan discussions on Georgetown with the community and any interested party. Visit to continue the dialogue. The next Community Engagement Meeting on Georgetown 2028 will be in September. The final Georgetown 2028 action plan is scheduled to completed by November.

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