Ground Gives Way at Condo Work Site, Overturns Trailer

On Friday morning, a construction trailer at 1045 Wisconsin Ave., NW, next to the C&O Canal was found overturned, when the ground beneath it gave way.

A residential condominium by EastBanc, Inc., is planned for the site.

Workers from McCullough Construction said they did not know exactly when the trailer fall from street level down toward the canal but added that no one had been in the trailer and no one was hurt.

The trailer, along with concrete sections from the sidewalk and fence railing, was pulled from the collapse zone toward the more level parking lot, next to the construction site.

Also on the scene June 7 was the Metropolitan Police Department roadway emergency team.

According to one observer, there is worry about water seeping from water main work farther up Wisconsin Avenue down to the canal bridge. Whether the rain storm contributed to the earthen collapse is unclear.

McCullough Construction Co., also built out the Ritz-Carlton Residences, a half block away on South Street. The Ritz-Carlton condos were a EastBanc and Millennium Partners project.

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Wed, 28 Jun 2017 04:54:50 -0400

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