Behold Our American Heritage, Right Here at Home

With Flag Day, June 14, and Father’s Day, June 16, soon upon us, we find ourselves in a sentimental and all-American mood. In Georgetown, we know of that man who lived here and penned that great American paean to the flag and its power, “the Star-Spangled Banner,” our national anthem. Opened but 20 years ago this September, that park on M Street next to Key Bridge honors Francis Scott Key and the American flag.

Our American fathers, whether of the historical kind or our very dearly own, we hold close here in Georgetown and also hold a secret: history, while of the past, lives on and teaches much more of the present.

For many, our fathers have departed this world and live in our thoughts every hour. For others, they are strong, dutiful, sensible men who guide and have guided their children to become complete persons as well as patriotic, thoughtful Americans. It seems a coincidence these special days for our flag and our dad are but days apart. Yet, perhaps, it is that wonderful American moment when this is the way it is to be.

Meanwhile, we look around our neighborhood and see friends striving to make our town and city better everyday. Whether it is those honored last week by the Citizens Association of Georgetown (shown below), or those working to make the business district more appealing with events, such as the Taste of Georgetown, and public discussion of the future, or those keeping the parks useful and in top shape, such as Volta Park, or another business group, ready to salute the late Jim Weaver, or those teaching the young and sending them forth into the world, this is our town. Tudor Place offers wonderful children’s programs. We unveiled Percy Plaza at the new Waterfront Park to memorialize Georgetowner Sen. Charles Percy. Still, our longest-serving, dedicated councilman Jack Evans, wants to do more, too: he wants to be the Mayor of Washington, D.C.

Accomplished persons in a superlative place, that is Georgetown, our part of the American dream, and it is our proud American heritage. We are grateful and know what Americans do: keep improving themselves, their families, their hometown, their nation. ★

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Tue, 27 Jun 2017 03:01:39 -0400

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