Bandolero Cited by Health Department

The Department of Health closed yet another Georgetown eatery last week: Bandolero.

The Mexican restaurant, located at 3241M St., NW, had eight critical and two noncritical health code violations. The DOH citations included, among others, “cold food items…held at improper temperatures” and “lots of flies in the kitchen.”

Its summary suspension only lasted for one day, and the restaurant reopened on July 17 after passing another inspection.

Russ Ptacek, the WUSA News reporter who covered the closing first, tweeted that an “unidentified worker” attributed the inspection to an enduring “landlord dispute.” Jonathan Umbel, part-time owner of Bandolero restaurant and Tacklebox restaurant, has been involved in a civil litigation lawsuit with the building owner since 2011. Tacklebox was also inspected and closed earlier this month by the Department of Health. The landlord is trying to evict both eateries.


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