Sexercising Your Way Through Winter

Back On Track Tank, $64 at  Lululemon, 3265 M St., NW
Back On Track Tank, $64 at Lululemon, 3265 M St., NW

Did I say “sex”? Blush.

Well, yes, I did.

Exercise. Health. These words are no fun. They have you should-ing all over yourself.:

“I should be eating less crap.”

“I should get to the gym.”

On Nov. 6, CNN Health reported: “Add this to the list of reasons why exercise is good for you: A new study says 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity, leisure time exercise is associated with roughly 3.4 years added to a person’s life.”

The list they refer to includes all the facts you know: exercise supports weight loss, better sleep, better focus and attention and prevents disease. Even with the abundance of facts you still find yourself throwing on sweats after work rather than lacing up your sneakers. So how do you stick to, or start, exercising?

The missing piece is pleasure. Pleasure is not a should. It is not forced. Pleasure is something you seek out. You make time for. I am a health counselor that did not have a regular exercise routine for several years. Believe me, I had a lot of should going on. The guilt of all my shoulds did not have me walking out the door with my yoga mat or bounding toward the gym. My body craving the euphoric pleasure of movement I love is what created a sustainable practice.

Dr. David L. Katz, director of the Yale Prevention Research Center, recently wrote “To Health with Fun? Bring on the Epidemic!” for HuffPost Healthy Living. He paints a picture of the infectious fun of hula-hooping getting a whole crowd unintentionally exercising on the White House lawn. He says, “People having fun might accidentally get healthy. We can get health in the pursuit of pleasure, and pleasure in the pursuit of health.”.

Working from your shoulds is not sustainable, with food or exercise.

If you have been telling yourself for years, “I should run”. But, you know you hate running. I am going to guess this has not been a regular activity for you.

The way to keep you going back for more movement is in the sexercise -- moving your body (safely, responsibly!) in a way that brings you pleasure.

Movement + Pleasure = Sexercise

You don’t have to be at a gym. Dance with your vacuum in your pajamas. Any movement is better than sitting on your couch reading, watching, and thinking.

With New Year’s celebrations recently behind us you may already be in the mist of a plan to cut way down on certain foods and get to the gym “x” number of times per week.

Be gentle with yourself and your body. Start slowly. Notice what your body is enjoying and asking for.

On the overly busy days you skip your pleasurable movement you will be that much more excited, and have a better workout, when you can fit it in the next day. The key is finding something that has you wanting to go back for more.

Suggestions to start your Sexercise plan:

  1. Experiment with different things you think you will enjoy. Be open to trying different playlists, classes, DVDs, gyms.
  2. Get workout gear that makes you feel attractive. You show up in an old t-shirt you will workout like you are worn out.
  3. Ask a friend to join that is fun, motivating and you think will also enjoy the activity. (Same goes if you like team sports or seeking a class/group that meets regularly-make sure the people are positive, uplifting, supportive and fun for you.)
  4. Mix up your music. Create new playlists regularly that keep you pumped up.
  5. Set the intention to show up for fun rather than “to get your workout in.”

Here’s to a new year with more enjoyment: more sexercise.

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