Honoring Embassy Social Secretaries

White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard flanked by Janet and Governor Jim Blanchard, Chair of MIC Board of Directors
White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard flanked by Janet and Governor Jim Blanchard, Chair of MIC Board of Directors

There was no lull in conversation as Meridian International Center and THIS for Diplomats honored embassy social secretaries at White-Meyer House on Feb. 5 for their valuable role in promoting cultural diplomacy. MIC president and CEO Stuart Holliday thanked “the people who make Washington work.” THIS president Phyllis Kaplan said social secretaries have provided the best link in welcoming incoming diplomats. Meridan board chair James Blanchard reported the representation of 61 embassies at the early evening reception. Chief of Protocol Capricia Penavic Marshall acknowledged Diane Brown, representing Tiffany, as “fellow soldiers in the event battlefield.” White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard hailed “a gathering or peers and friends.”

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