Office of Neighborhood Life Opens

Georgetown University has opened the new Office of Neighborhood Life. Led by Cory Peterson, the office serves as a resource for student and non-student residents who live on the west side of Georgetown as well as Burleith and Foxhall.

The Office of Neighborhood Life says its first goals “are to educate students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the community and to provide resources to students to help them be successful residents of the neighborhood. Two staff members also serve as community directors … to support the quality of neighborhood life.”

The office welcomes non-student residents who have questions about neighborhood quality of life issues or need assistance from the university. Call the helpline -- 202-687-8413 -- to report a problem, ask a question or seek assistance. The office also oversees the Student Neighborhood Assistance Program, “which protects the safety of students and non-students and responds to late-night incidents in the neighborhood.”

The Office of Neighborhood Life is at 1300 36th St., NW.; email

Feb 2, 2014 at 4:39 AM Aileen perez

The wife of Mr. Cory Peterson 2years ago used vulgar language towards me. As of Jan. 30th she posted harsh language about me Aileen Perez. It's hard to believe that she can get away with talking so nasty to myself and others on Facebook in such a manner that is offensive to me & others! I have never done anything to her or her family. I hope I don't need to take this further. Bring this attention to her husband Mr. Peterson before this is seen by children, staff, and or publicized! Thank you for your attention to this troubling matter!

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