Bigger Media Deal at Nearly $1 Billion: Sinclair Broadcast to Buy Allbritton TV Stations

Allbritton chairman and CEO Robert Allbritton
Allbritton chairman and CEO Robert Allbritton

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., has agreed to buy Allbritton Communications' TV stations, which include the Washington's WJLA Channel 7 and NewsChannel 8. Awaiting approval by the Federal Communications Commission, the $985-million deal was first announced July 29.

Sinclair of Hunt Valley, Md., owns 149 TV stations. "To buy a full-blown news operation in our nation's capital and an infrastructure that allows us to be connected to our branches of government and be the pulse of national issues is a once-in-a-lifetime event," said David Smith, head of Sinclair. "We are especially excited to acquire the NewsChannel 8 local news channel."

The Arlington-based Allbritton Communications will retain and concentrate on digital media businesses. Its chairman and CEO Robert Allbritton lives on Q Street in Georgetown.


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