Smell of Change: Wines of Spring

Bodega Colome Torrontes
Bodega Colome Torrontes

When spring rolls around rebirth and change is in the air. Our palates desire change too. The heavy red wines of winter we so enjoyed when the temperature dipped give way to thoughts of lighter refreshing crisp white wines.

When spring comes fragrant flowers bloom. Everything turns greener and our food menus do too. Selecting white wines to go the spring menus become a focus. There are plenty of options ranging from French style chardonnays to light pinot grigio. Properly chilled, sometimes there cannot be anything more refreshing and palate pleasing in warm weather then a glass of white wine.

Here are a few white wine recommendations to quench your thirst and please your palates and your nose this spring.

TORRENTES Torrentes is from South America. It is a moderate acidic and smooth textured white normally. When I think of the flavors of Torrentes, I think of peach and apple flavors and a wine reminiscent of Muscat or Gewürztraminer. Some top Torrentes is produced by Bodega Colome in Argentina. Try the 2011 vintage. This wine is floral. It will remind you of a fresh cut flower bouquet. The floral note will again appear upon tasting but the dominant flavors are orange, nectarine, white peaches, and lime. This wine has a long pleasing finish. It will pair beautifully with delicate white-fleshed fishes, shrimp, lobster and foods seasoned with Asian spices.

Also try Hermanos Torrentes. Its pale green tint and its delicate fruity aroma will draw you in. It will remind you of fresh cut grass. On the palate its quince, kiwi, lime zest flavors come through. Pair with grilled Mahi Mahi, pork loin, and white pizza.

ALBARINO Found predominantly in northwest Spain and Portugal this a lightly gold colored wine with a tinge of green. It is aromatic, high in acid and a full-bodied wine. It will pair well with heavier meat based spring and summer dishes or can be sipped alone. Marques de Caceres Deusa Nai Albarino 2011 is a good example of Albarino. On the nose it will remind you of melon. Citrus flavors like lemon and lemon zest along with pineapple and slight minerality should please you. Finish is fairly long. Acidity is refreshing. Pair this with Serrano ham, shrimp, and grilled calamari and coconut cream pie.

SOAVE Soave is an Italian light, dry white wine. It is lighter then Albarino but also expresses floral notes. Soave is found in the Vento region of Italy and is comprised of traditionally a blend of two grapes, garganega and trebbiano. It comes in several levels of quality. Seek out Soave Classico or a higher quality for optimal enjoyment.

Pieropan, Soave Classico La Rocca is gold- en yellow in hue. Its keenly expressive floral notes persist to the palate upon tasting this wine. This is a traditional styled Soave in that the classic honey, vanilla, almond flavors show up along the peach and apricots notes. There is a slight mineral component to its taste that adds to this rather straightforward wine’s complexity. Also try a higher quality Soave like Gini Soave Classico La Froscà. This Soave also expresses strong but pleasant aromatics immediately. You will taste that classic almond essence along with baked or dried fruits like baked apple and candied orange peel. There’s a flash of mineral essence that cuts through the fruit flavors and provides a nice complexity as well. Pair your glasses of Soave with cream of summer corn soup, chowders, flounder, trout, and clams.

So welcome in spring with these aromatic and refreshing whites and you will transition into a new season feeling lighter without comprising flavor. Cheers! Enjoy!

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