Cocktail of the Month: Parker's Mark

Food trends are always changing. First the cupcake craze and now donuts. Most interesting lately
has been bacon. Bacon
infused vodka, bacon
sprinkled donuts, even
bacon flavored body
oils have hit the market. A-Town Bar and Grill, a popular brunch destination in Arlington, joins the trend, offering
a boozy, bacon-filled
cocktail, that’s now one of their
top sellers. Owner Scott
Parker and veteran bartender Gary Koh created
Parker’s Mark (named
after Scott) to quench the
ever popular thirst for
bacon. Start with apple
wood smoked bacon,
crumbled with a touch of
brown sugar. Then add 6
oz. of Maker’s Mark, a
touch of sweet vermouth,
Manhattan style, and then add brown sugar simple syrup for a rich, sweet flavor. Shake well and pour over bacon and brown sugar crumbles. For extra sweetness, rim glass with brown sugar. ★

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Fri, 23 Jun 2017 11:44:25 -0400

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