Suri Book Signing

Jayne Sandman, Cori Sue Manns, Amanda Jean Wessell
Mary Bird
Jayne Sandman, Cori Sue Manns, Amanda Jean Wessell

Suri's Burn Book, the much-anticipated book version of the popular tumblr, was launched on Sept. 5 at A Bar, the spiffy lounge at Modus Hotel's newest addition, Avenue Suites. Author Allie Hagan, who calls DC her home, met her ardent fans and signed copies of the book which narrates life from the "point of view" of Suri Cruise. The fashionable guests enjoyed custom Georgetown Cupcakes, a bar menu dedicated to Suri (the Suri Cocktail was made from champagne, St. Germain and edible pearls), and an in-person account of what the author's lawyers deemed too risky for publication.

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