Linda Greenan’s Lasting Legacy

Letter to the Editor:

Much has been said about Linda Greenan’s legacy [The Georgetowner, Sept. 5, editorial] as she retires from her long tenure as vice president for community relations at Georgetown University. For nearly two decades, Linda played an integral role in securing District government approval for university development projects such as the Canal Road entrance and the Southwest Quadrangle. She was the face of the university in negotiations with the community on the Campus Plan and on student conduct issues.

But Linda’s most lasting legacy may be as a leader in securing voting rights for college and university students in the District of Columbia. Sixteen years ago, a group of GU students sought to take a more active role in local government by voting in local elections and serving on Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. They launched a student voter registration drive and nominated G.U. students to run for seats on ANC2E. But a handful of Georgetown residents vigorously opposed them. They challenged the right of students to register in the District, and they challenged the credentials of students attempting to vote, creating long lines at the polls on Election Day.

Linda passionately believed that everyone should have the right to vote and to run for local office. She encouraged the students to stand up for their rights and guided them to victory at a day-long hearing before the Board of Elections.

As a result of Linda’s leadership, university students now can vote in the District and can serve on ANCs, and they routinely do so. College and university students in the District have Linda Greenan to thank for this. A fine and lasting legacy, indeed.

Grace Bateman, Georgetown

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Mon, 26 Jun 2017 01:30:25 -0400

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