An Evening at Ayrshire Farm

Molly Miller and Wayne Billhiner enjoying the grilled peaches and field green salad
Molly Miller and Wayne Billhiner enjoying the grilled peaches and field green salad

Ayrshire Farm opened its doors for a unique event Sept. 15 that offered guest the chance not only to enjoy a magnificent farm feast dinner but to see this spectacularly beautiful certified organic farm with its heritage breed animals.

Attendees enjoyed a meal that was both elegant and down home. It featured the best of Ayrshire Farm’s fresh products and local foods and enjoy local wine and beer, hay-wagon tours of the farm, live music and demonstrations by Ayrshire chefs and livestock managers shared their vision and dedication to certified organic, certified humane and sustainable farming practices. The meal included grilled peaches, field green, heirloom pecans with a honey-lavender vinaigrette.

There were hay-wagon rides, demonstrations at the Shire Horse Stable, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and a demonstration of “farm-to-table cooking” as well as music provided by Flint Hollow and Steve Hagadorn.

Ayrshire Farm, located in Upperville, Va., was the first Virginia farm to be certified both organic and humane. The farm produces a variety of meats and organic produce supplied to top regional restaurants, including its own Hunter’s Head Tavern, Home Farm Store and Ayrshire Farm Catering Company.

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