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Let’s see if ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen gets approved.
Let’s see if ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen gets approved.

Quick Hits: Four Seasons Hotel will open a Fashion Café as well as an Eno Wine Bar in early 2013. Al Dente (formerly La Forchetta) will open a second location at 425 I Street, NW, in late summer 2013. Fuel Pizza will open its third D.C. location on Georgia Ave, NW, near Howard University next spring. Riscatto, a new restaurant serving Mexican and Latin foods will open on 14th Street, NW, where Galileo III (before that, Butterfield9) was. Riscatto in Italian means “ransom” so I hope they don’t hold anything or anyone hostage. Newsom restaurant is slated to open in the iconic Hubert Newsom Building at 1110 H Street, NE.

Stephen Starr’s first venture into the D.C. market, Parc Deux, is slated to open at 14th and Q Streets, NW, where the Shirt Laundry oper- ated for years. Based in Philadelphia, Starr is a renowned restaurateur, from The Continental to Buddakan. He chose his French concept to expand into D.C. His original Parc is in Philadelphia. This is his second, hence the name. Parc Deux will be a French bistro and café serv- ing classic French cuisine for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch. Permitting process is in the works.

Chipotle’s new ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen is applying to open in Georgetown at 2805 M Street, NW, by the beginning of 2013 (isn’t everyone?). They have to “Pass Go,” regarding fast food/QSR requirements. It will be their second location in D.C. – and the world.

Country rock group, Rascal Flatts, which is known for their wonderful music will now also be known for their wonderful restaurants.Rascal Flatts Restaurant Group plans to open in the D.C. metro area some time next year. The company’s first restaurant is in Phoenix, Ariz.

Chef & GM Update: Chef RJ Cooper will open in Merrifield’s Mosaic District. Not a Rogue 24 concept, but probably high- end for Mosaic. It’s a big space — 5,000 square feet on the first level, and 2,000 square feet of rooftop space. A spring opening is targeted. Cyclone Anaya’s, a Texas-based Mexican restaurant named for a professional wrestler will also open in Mosaic District, offering finer Mexican dining. A fall opening is scheduled. Other restaurants slated to open there include: Matchbox, Taylor Gourmet, Sweetgreen, and something from Black Restaurant Group (BlackSalt, Addie’s, Black Market, Pearl Dive Oyster Bar).

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