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Rigo Landa of Georgetown Hairstyling to retire Nov. 8
Robert Devaney
Rigo Landa of Georgetown Hairstyling to retire Nov. 8

Get Ready for Flooding Along the Potomac

As Georgetown and other D.C. neighborhoods cleaned up after Hurricane Sandy, dodging a major hit compared to New Jersey and New York, flooding along the Potomac River is the next worry. Especially for Georgetowners, the riverside complex, Washington Harbour, is on their minds, as they recall the April 2011 flood there.

The Potomac was predicted to overflow its banks and flood by late Oct. 30, according to the National Weather Service. It advised that “residents and businesses along the Potomac River in . . . Washington should prepare for a flood not seen since the floods of 1996.”

Citing Little Falls as a point of reference, the Weather Service predicted flooding at 10 feet and continuing to 15 feet in the early hours of Nov. 1. The waters should recede to nine feet by Nov. 2, according to the NWS.

The Barber of Georgetown: Rigo Landa to Retire

Rigo Landa of Georgetown Hairstyling, the classic, old-school barber shop at 1329 35th St., NW, will officially retire Nov. 8. Landa, who began working at the barber shop in 1968 and bought it from two brothers who owned and operated it, has sold it to his stepson Ed Lara, who previously worked in the airline industry and also is a guitarist. Rigo, who has traveled all over the world, was born in Cuba and will hold on to his barber’s license for now — in case Ed needs an extra day’s work for himself, Veronica or Nguyen.

Doc’s Georgetown Pharmacy To Become a 7-Eleven

We know our former publisher Dave Roffman will not like this news flash one bit.

According to Carol Joynt and CarolJoynt. com, the retail space once known as the Georgetown Pharmacy, which closed years ago to become a clothing store and then an art and decor store, is set to become a convenience store, i.e., a 7-Eleven. The closed store is at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and O Street.

“My source on this is next to golden, and so I’m going with it,” Joynt writes. “Apparently, the Donohue family has done a deal to lease its building at Wisconsin and O to the 7-Eleven chain. Work already has begun on the interior. Everyone seems to like to look for signs that Georgetown’s charm is a thing of the past, and this latest development will probably be included on that list, along with reports of a TJ Maxx, Target and a bowling alley at Georgetown Park mall, and the new mega Nike store on M Street. But, the times they are a changin’.”

The Georgetown Pharmacy was run and owned by Harry Alexander “Doc” Dalinksy, who was a Georgetown institution with customers that included senators, judges and journalists. His Sunday brunch, provided by the Georgetown Inn, was frequented by the likes of Ben Bradlee, David Brinkley and Art Buchwald, as seen in a classic Fred Maroon photo.

Comedy Legend Carl Reiner Gets His Georgetown Degree

Comedian, writer and director Carl Reiner – who received the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2000 – was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Oct. 23 at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Calif. Reiner studied at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in 1943 after joining the Army during World War II.

“Today, Georgetown University delights to honor the director of ‘The Jerk,’ the father of Meathead and Betty White’s on-screen boyfriend,” the university’s Bernard Cook said. “Actor, writer, producer, wit, Carl Reiner is a renaissance man whose seven-decade career spans the history of television and the maturity of feature film.” Reiner is also known for his creation of the 1960s television series, “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

Reiner says his “biggest triumph” as a comedian was when he impersonated his professors in a Christmas show he was asked to put on in Georgetown’s Gaston Hall, according to the university. “This evening I will never forget,” he told Cook. “There we were – Gaston Hall was packed with soldiers, the balcony was filled with the Jesuit fathers, the priests and the lay teachers.” The comedian even impersonated the stern mannerisms of Rev. Edmund Walsh, S.J., after whom the university’s foreign service school is named.

Reiner recalled his days in D.C. fondly. After all, he also met and married his wife Estelle while in Georgetown. ★

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