O&P Project: More Lights . . . and Resident-Only Parking

Robert Devaney

You may not have noticed that resident-only parking already exists in Georgetown. At least, along certain sections of 33rd, 34th, 36th and P Streets, thanks to the O&P Street Project.

Here is an update from the project leaders: “As part of the O&P Street Rehabilitation project, street lights within the project zone are being updated or, in many cases, added. In response to public concern for safety, the finalized lighting plan increases current lighting by 40 percent, while still preserving the historic feel of the area. You may notice a new light fixture or foundation for a new light fixture near an existing light. In many cases, the existing light will be removed at a later time. Many of the new foundations are covered with orange drums. These drums are in place for pedestrian safety and will be removed once the light poles are installed. When the new lights are operational, you may notice a significant increase in brightness the first couple of nights. Per DDOT’s policy, any existing street lights designated for removal will stay turned on until we verify all of the new lights are fully operational. Once they are deemed as such, the existing lights designated for removal will be turned off.”

The website is FixingOandPstreets.com. As far as the new parking signs go, let’s see how long they stay up.

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Sun, 28 May 2017 19:58:39 -0400

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