Mitt Romney Coming to Georgetown

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be showing in Georgetown June 27 for an exclusive fundraising dinner party hosted by Bob and Suzy Pence.

Unlike Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Romney does not appear to scoff at "Georgetown cocktail parties."

The invitation-only dinner will cost $50,000 per person and will be held in the Pences' penthouse at 3030 K St., N.W. That is the address for the condominiums of Washington Harbour, where Nancy Pelosi also lives. The dinner is one of three fundraising events for Romney taking place this month in or near D.C.

On June 25, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), both potential vice-presidental running mates with Romney, will be at a reception geared toward young professionals. The reception will be held on a rooftop in downtown Washington. Tickets begin at $100 per person.

Ann Romney will headline a dinner fundraiser being hosted by former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich and his wife, Kendel. The fundraiser will take place near Baltimore-Washington International Airport, and tickets will begin at $1,000 with dinner costing $15,000 per person

Jun 18, 2012 at 5:43 PM Brandt Hardin

Is there any doubt that a Romney administration would favor the rich and increase the income gap in our country? Mitt is a pariah in Mormon Clothing and will stop at nothing to expand an empire of greed for the rich in this country. Can his sacred Mormon underwear gain him enough donations to buy this election? See for yourself as Mitt dons his tighty-whities from the Good Lord Himself at

Jun 28, 2012 at 8:55 AM FriendsToTheUnion

Kouri Marshall, originally from Peoria, Illinois continues to stop fired up D.C. elected officials and have prevent officials in the District of Columbia from getting involved in the Obama for America DC campaign. Marshall, the Campaign Manager, has not engaged elected officials in the day to day campaign operations. Marshall states that “most of the members are under federal investigation, and will not help to re-elect the President, while I’m campaign manager”. Marshall Experience includes legislative assistant in the government relations and public policy department of Operation HOPE. M.P.A. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. B.A. in communication from Eureka College, 2005. Marshall was also crowned “King of Eureka College” the first African American male to hold that honor.
Marshall’s staffer’s lacks experience to organize the District. Most campaign staffers are from other states including non-Americans from England and France. There is a lack of visibility and organization in all eight wards. D.C. elected officials are in an uproar because of Marshall’s decision to leave out of the campaign efforts. Virginia is a key state and Marshall’s efforts to stop the fired up D.C. Elected official and voters will have a damaging impact on the President winning Virginia and remaining in the White House. Is it Marshall or is it Illinois’ decision to freeze out the D.C. Elected Officials and voters? The District of Columbia has more than two-hundred thousand African American voters. Marshall has disenfranchised the voters and their elected officials in this campaign. Marshall’s decision may have a long last impact on the Women and African-American voters. His campaign strategy may have an impact on African-American voters in the upcoming election on November 6th. African-American’s across America may decide to sit one out.

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