Capitol Hill Hotel

The Capitol Hill Hotel, formerly Capitol Hill Suites, located at 201 C Street, SE, has recently renovated its look from a residential style to a more contemporary one.

Slava Lutikova, director of sales and marketing at the hotel, explained the renovations.

“We were purchased by Hersha Hospitality last April.,” she said. “They made a decision that the hotel needs a little bit of repositioning and with that came renovation of all public spaces.” But, she is quick to add, “It wasn’t because we needed renovation, it’s because we really wanted to create a whole new atmosphere for our guests.”

The 3.5-million-dollar renovation includes three new meeting areas with built-in AV equipment and teleconferencing/videoconferencing accessibility, a rare commodity in hotels. The newly updated front lobby and breakfast area encompass guests in an atmosphere of relaxation. There is also a new public lounge, connected to the lobby, which adds an additional 650 square feet of space for guests. The lounge (pictured above) is complete with its own “congressional library,” an area where guests can read one of many books from the library or enjoy the morning paper. It can also be rented out for business meetings and social events.

The new look, which local artists helped create, includes modern pieces and new twists on classic pieces of history. The Cherry Blossominspired carpet and wallpaper combined with the different art pieces inspired by the nation’s historic past come together beautifully to create a contemporary style that remains connected to the rich history of the nation.

“All of the elements of the design tell a story of the history of the hotel and of the neighborhood, while transitioning us to a more contemporary look. We are changing our name because we are changing the look of the hotel so much, so drastically. Our new name reflects our new identity better,” Lutikova said.

The Capitol Hill Hotel is now renovating each guest room to match the contemporary style throughout the rest of the hotel. This final phase is expected to be complete in early 2013.

These renovations don’t mean a change in clientele or service. “Our guests can still expect the same quality service as before. Just because we are a little bit different or have a new style doesn’t mean we are moving away from any type of customer. We position ourselves as a very inclusive hotel as far as our audience goes. Businessmen and families alike can enjoy our services,” Lutikova says. ★

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