Global Down Syndrome Fashion Show

From Left to right ( Sarah Brown, Helena Brown, Anna Brown)
From Left to right ( Sarah Brown, Helena Brown, Anna Brown)

On Thursday July 19 at the Sewall-Belmont house & museum in DC, the highly anticipated Global Down Syndrome Foundation hosted the 2013 Be Beautiful Be Yourself Gala Kickoff Party. The exciting and fun evening included a fashion preview featuring the stylish urban bohemian look from the Wink collection. It was worn by the models with Down syndrome which were escorted by members of Congress and TV celebrities. Guests included Bob Guiney (from the Bachlor), Scott Grimes (from TV show ER), and several U.S Congressman including Scott Tipton , Cory Gardner, Congressman Mike Coffman, Ed Perlmutter , and Congressman Greg Walden.

With approximately 250 attendees from DC, family members with Down syndrome and interested parties, this grand Fashion show raises awareness to the chromosomal disorder that affects more than one in 700 babies. In effort to inform the audience, Director of Alzheimer disease research and the department of neurology the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome, Dr Huntington Potter presented a moving speech that raised the need to help. Abnormalities are caused by errors in the number or structure of chromosomes, and many children with a chromosomal abnormality have mental or physical birth defects. Some chromosomal abnormalities result in miscarriage or stillbirth and understanding what chromosomes make it easier to recognize the wide range of problems chromosomal abnormalities can cause.

Guest attendee Sara Brown said “I’m here in support of my family member Laila Brown and because I believe that there is a cure that someday will be found. Brown said that Laila is very active, she has been doing 2 years of special Olympics and various other events like this fashion show. Brown also said “She has such a strong spirit and I know that events like this will help further the research process to finding a cure for this syndrome” .

For further information or a chance to donate and help the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, contact PR Abby Perlmutter 303.468.6665 or visit their Facebook page at and their twitter page @GDSFoundation.

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