Recycle Your Christmas Tree by Jan. 14

The new year clean-up has begun. The Department of Public Works is now collecting Christmas trees and wreaths to be picked up curbside through Jan. 14. Remove all decorations and place the greenery in the treebox space or in front of your home now or by Jan. 9. Please do not put the trees in plastic or cloth bags. Trees collected between Jan. 3 and 14 will be recycled. Any trees not collected by Jan. 14 should be set out with your trash to be picked up as space in the trash trucks allows over the following weeks.

The fall leaf collection program continues through Jan. 14, and every neighborhood in the District will have its leaves collected. DPW will collect leaves at least twice from residential neighborhoods by “vacuuming” the leaves residents rake into their treebox spaces.

Also, DPW will collect bagged leaves from the treebox space or the alley in neighborhoods with rear trash and recycling collections. Bagged leaves will be placed in the landfill. By collecting leaves, DPW reduces potential accidents and injuries resulting from slipping on wet leaves and prevent catch basins (storm drains) from clogging and causing street flooding during heavy rains.

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Sun, 28 May 2017 20:07:50 -0400

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