ANC to Meet Tonight: Update on West Power Plant

The West Power Plant is located behind the Four Seasons Hotel
The West Power Plant is located behind the Four Seasons Hotel

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E -- Georgetown, Burleith and Hillandale -- will meet tonight, Jan. 3, 6:30 p.m., at Georgetown Visitation Prep, 35th Street and Volta Place, Main Building, Heritage Room, 2nd floor. Among the updates, a discussion of the government property, the West Power Plant on 29th Street, and its future use.

Below is the agenda (from the ANC website):

Approval of the Agenda

• Approval of the January 3, 2012, ANC 2E Public Meeting Agenda Administrative

• Approval of November 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes

• Public Safety and Police Report

• Financial Report

• Transportation Report – O & P Street update

• Public Works Report

• Officers and areas of particular interest in 2012

• 2012 meeting dates

• Standing resolutions

• Security Trust Fund

Community Comment

New Business

•West Power Plant update – GSA plans and procedures for disposition (This item will come up before 7:00 p.m.)

•Friends of Volta Park designated as the official community representative for Volta Park

•GU Campus plan update

•Safeway traffic issue

Old Georgetown Board


1.SMD 01, 1738 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-026 (HPA 12-053) Residence, 2-story rear addition, Concept – revised design

2.SMD 02, 1669 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-071 (HPA 12-124) Commercial, Alterations to window, awning and blade sign for Macaron Bee, Permit – revised design

3.SMD 03, 3254 O Street, NW, OG 11-162 (HPA 11-255) Residence, Partial demolition, reconstruction of garage with enlarged footprint, Concept – revised design

4.SMD 03, 3254 O Street, NW, OG 12-083 (HPA 12-137) Residence, Alterations to rear of main house, remove chimney, Concept

5.SMD 03, 1432 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-025 (HPA 12-041) Retail, Sign for “DC Jewelry Center”, rolling grille, Permit / Concept – revised design

6.SMD 03, 1510 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-082 (HPA 12-136) Commercial, Alterations to storefront, sign scheme for “Luigi Parasmo Salon,” Permit

7.SMD 05, 3288 M Street, NW, OG 12-073 (HPA 12-126) Retail, Deck, Permit

8.SMD 05, 2810-12 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-014 (HPA 12-014) Four Seasons Hotel – Eno Wine Bar, Rear addition with basement, window replacements, signs and awnings, Concept - revised design

No Review At This Time by ANC 2E: The following additional projects, which are on the upcoming November 3 agenda of the Old Georgetown Board, have not been added to the ANC meeting agenda for OGB-related design review and we do not propose to adopt a resolution on them at this time. If there are concerns about any of these projects, please contact the ANC office by Friday, December 30, 2010.

1.SMD 02, 1522 33rd Street, NW, OG 12-068 (HPA 12-121) Residence, Replacement rear fence, Permit

2.SMD 02, 1615 34th Street, NW, OG 12-058 (HPA 12-097) Residence, Replace rear fence, Permit

3.SMD 02, 1675 35th Street, NW, OG 12-081 (HPA 12-135) Residence, Rear additions and alterations to side, new window wells on front, Permit – revised design

4.SMD 03, 1513 33rd Street, NW, OG 11-285 (HPA 11-495) Residence, Alterations, dormers, partial demolition, Permit

5.SMD 03, 1525 34th Street, NW, OG 12-079 (HPA 12-133) Residence, Relocation of front door to side, alterations, Permit

6.SMD 03, 1408, -10, -12 36th Street, NW, OG 12—85 (HPA 12-139) Residences, Door surround, transom, window casing, Permit

7.SMD 03, 3240 P Street, NW, OG 12-061 (HPA 12-106) Commercial, Alterations to glass roof at rear yard, Permit / concept

8.SMD 05, 1050 31st Street, NW, OG 12-076 (HPA 12-130) Office building to hotel, Alterations, Permit

9.SMD 05, 1037 33rd Street, NW, OG 12-074 (HPA 12-127) Commercial, Sign scheme for “Flor,” Concept - options

10.SMD 05, 3067 M Street, NW, OG 12-072 (HPA 12-125) Alterations to storefront, sign and banner for “Rag & Bone,” Permit - revised design

11.SMD 05, 1059 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW, OG 12-078 (HPA 12-132) Residence, Alterations to front and rear, deck, fence, Permit – revised design

12.SMD 06, 1248 30th Street, NW, OG 12-069 (HPA 12-122) Residence, Alterations to garage, Permit

13.SMD 06, 1235 31st Street, NW (also known as 1231-35 31st St, NW), OG 12-080 (HPA 12-134) Residence, Alterations and conservatory addition at rear, Permit

14.SMD 06, 3043 N Street, NW, OG 12-055 (HPA 12-093) Residence, Replacement brick garden wall at rear, Permit

15.SMD 06, 3130 O Street, NW, OG 12-056 (HPA 12-094) Church Parsonage, Replacement tin roof, Permit

16.SMD 06, 3127 P Street, NW, OG 12-077 (HPA 12-131) Residence, Alterations to front yard and light fixtures on side, Permit – revised design

17.SMD 06, 2624 Dumbarton Street, NW, OG 12-062 (HPA 12-107) Church, Handicapped access ramp, Concept

18.SMD 06, 2908 Dumbarton Street, NW, OG 12-084 (HPA 12-138) Residence, 2-story rear addition, Permit

19.SMD 06, 1329 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-054 (HPA 12-??) Retail, Sign scheme for “Comfort One Shoes” and “Mephisto”, awnings, Permit

20.SMD 07, 1601 28th Street, NW, OG 12-057 (HPA 12-096) Residence, New opening for garage door at basement of historic house, Permit

21.SMD 07, 2823 Q Street, NW, OG 12-075 (HPA 12-128) Residence, Rear alterations, Permit

22.SMD 07, 2516 East Place, NW, OG 12-067 (HPA 12-120) Residence, Alterations to rear, retractable awning, shutters, Permit

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