Georgetowner's Mary Bird talks Cats with the Washingtonian

Mary Bird
Mary Bird

The Georgetowner’s very own society columnist, Mary Bird, was featured in The Washingtonian this week with her two 13-year-old Burmese cats, Sam and Slutie. The article, “Love Your Pets: Crazy For Cats,” written by Gwendolyn Purdom, headlined six D.C. area cat lovers.

More than a lover, Bird is a supporter, too. Involved in various animal societies, she spends a lot of her time making sure animals are being taken care of as well as she treats her own.

Bird’s cats have taken over her apartment. “Their stuff is all over this place,” she said in regards to their toy baskets and framed photos.

These two are actually the second set of Burmese cats that Bird has spoiled. The original Sam and Slutie passed away years ago and her late husband, Collins Bird -- who ran the Georgetown Inn -- insisted they purchase Sam 2 and Slutie 2. “We’re not changing their names,” she said he told her.

Today, Bird resides in her apartment near Washington National Cathedral with the felines who do not step outside often. “Their paws have never touched pavement,” she told Purdom. “They have their annual visit to the vet, which is very traumatic.” Aside from this, the 2 of them stay indoors and continue to be loved by their overly kind and caring owner, our Mary Bird.

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