Letter to the Editor: Jack Wills Union Jack Doormat ‘Disrespectful’

To the editors:

This is written to express my concern that a business on Wisconsin Avenue, the first block south of M Street, chooses to use as their doormat at their front entryway, The Union Jack, the national flag of Great Britain. I am writing to say I think this is disrespectful and distasteful — and should be replaced.

Perhaps my point could be better made if the reader considers this: suppose a business in the heart of Georgetown were to use a Stars & Stripes as its front doormat. How long do you think that would last?

Maybe the merchant could shrug in response and reply, “We were trying to complement the historic feel of [Francis Scott Key] Park just up the street.”

Whereupon, I rest my case. Now come on, guys. Really! Doormats are for trodding upon. National flags for honor.

Trevor S. Goodchild Washington, D.C.

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Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:13:56 -0400

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