D2 Bus Operator Caught Reading Newspaper While Driving

Hey, we love to see people reading a newspaper . . . but safety first, right? Traveling west of Dupont Circle into Georgetown on Q Street Dec. 3, a commuter at Metrobus’s D2 route photographed the driver of the bus reading the newspaper (looked like the Washington Post or Post Express) with it on the steering wheel as he operated the vehicle. The rider contacted the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority, responsible for the bus in question, and then posted this entry on blog, Unsuck D.C. Metro: “During my commute last Monday morning on the D2, the bus driver was reading a newspaper for a long stretch of the route, both while the bus was stopped and while it was in motion. I emailed WMATA about this and asked for a specific response, which I thought was reasonable given the seriousness of the safety issue (I mentioned that I’d like to provide them with the attached photos and video). This was a westbound D2, leaving Dupont at 7:30 a.m., bus #3077. [It took a while, but WMATA finally got back to the rider.] I got a call from someone in WMATA customer service this morning, telling me they’d started a proceeding against the driver in question. The guy gave me the name and number of the person in charge of investigating the driver, and an email to send photos and video to. So, at this point I’m satisfied with the response. It sounds like they’re actually taking this seriously, and I’d like to give them credit for that.

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Sun, 25 Jun 2017 13:15:02 -0400

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