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Fashion by  Tsyndyma
Yvonne Taylor
Fashion by Tsyndyma

Those who love fashion are quick to associate it with fine art. As artists, designers work to create an atmosphere, evoke emotion and inspire contemplation. Tsyndyma is a Washington-based designer whose suits and dresses outwit the temperature with light materials in autumnal colors. Breezy, wide-leg pants create a strong base, drawing eyes to the masterpieces above.

Georgetown milliner Melissa Vap’s handcrafted hats and fascinators are beautiful pieces for formal gatherings. Free from conforming to the body, they are open to take any form she can imagine. Like the best works of art, their beauty is timeless by both looking to the past and throttling towards the future. Be confident in your own look as you transcend these two seasons.

Photographer Yvonne Taylor Producer John Paul Hamilton Make-Up Artist Carl Ray Hair Darrell Thompson Model Clara Buchanan Designer Tsyndyma Shop here. Hats Melissa Vap

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