ANC 2E Elections Set With No Opponents

While you are voting for president and vice president (or least the electors) Nov. 6, you will also be voting for your single-member district advisory neighborhood commissioner. This election, however, Georgetown’s and Burleith’s and Hillandale’s ANC offers candidates with no opponents. So, what are we voting for?

Except for two new names from the main campus, ANC 2E will contain the same members from last year: 2E01 -- Ed Solomon (S Street, NW) 2E02 -- Ron Lewis (Reservoir Road, NW) 2E03 -- Jeffrey Jones (P Street, NW) 2E04 -- Craig Cassey, Jr. (Georgetown University) 2E05 -- Bill Starrels (31st Street, NW) 2E06 -- Tom Birch (29th Steet, NW) 2E07 -- Charles F. Eason, Jr. (Cambridge Place, NW) 2E08 -- Peter Prindiville (Georgetown University)

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Sat, 19 Apr 2014 02:57:47 -0400

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