Thailand Salutes the Spanish Steps

Ambassador of Thailand and Ms. Nuchjaree Klongsungsorn
Mary Bird
Ambassador of Thailand and Ms. Nuchjaree Klongsungsorn

On Sept. 11, there was a respite in a day of remembrance as Thai Ambassador and Ms. Nuchjaree Klongsungsorn welcomed supporters of the Spanish Steps Project to a relaxing afternoon in their residence, Codman House, at the foot of the Kalorama landmark now requiring restoration. Spanish Steps Project board president David Bender made introductory remarks on proposed plans. He hailed the board's vice president Jean Tippett as the “grandmother of the Spanish Steps.” The ambassador and his wife charmed their guests with classical Thai dance, a fabulous Thai buffet accompanied by special wines and Thai Chang beer with the bonus of a cooking demonstration which the ambassador narrated with chef Jitapa Haoharn. Historian Paul Williams traced the history of the residence commissioned by Miss Martha Codman in 1906, which the Government of Thailand purchased in 1995 and restored to its former splendor. There was also a raffle with many happy winners garnering a Smithsonian publication, “Treasures of Two Nations: Thai Royal Gifts to the United States of America.”

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