LUNGevity’s Musical Celebration of Hope Gala

Gala chair Grace Bender, corporate chair Paul G. Stern
Mary Bird
Gala chair Grace Bender, corporate chair Paul G. Stern

Having lost her mother Pat to late diagnosed lung cancer, Andrea Stern Ferris was determined to find a cure for the nation’s number-one cancer killer. She now serves as president and chairman of LUNGevity Foundation, the largest national lung cancer research non-profit, which celebrated the opening of its D.C. office at a spectacular Sept. 16 gala at the Mellon Auditorium chaired by Grace Bender. The Stern family totally underwrote the event. Former Rep. Mike Oxley (R-Ohio), a non-smoker and lung cancer survivor, received LUNGevity’s first Face of Hope Award for his advocacy of better research and treatments. Design Cuisine served an elegant repast as auctioneer Lynne Zink and generous bidders enabled the foundation to reach its $1 million goal.

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