C&O Canal Makes Emergency Flood Preparations

A canal boat in Georgetown at Lock 4 during the flood of 2010.
A canal boat in Georgetown at Lock 4 during the flood of 2010.

As it became clear that the rain clouds hanging over D.C. aren't going to be blowing over soon, the C&O Canal Trust announced that emergency flood preparations are to be made this week. The towpath, Visitor Centers and all lockhouses will be closed and visitors are being warned about rapidly rising flood waters. The public preview of Lockhouse 10 is postponed until further notice.

The C&O Canal Trust has also issued a call for emergency volunteers to help sandbag around Lockhouse 6 this Thursday afternoon. For assignment details, call the Trust at 301-714-2233. More information about closures and further updates will be available at CanalTrust.org and on the Trust's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

According to the Trust, this year's flood is expected to cause more damage than the flood of 2010 and they urge people to use extreme caution.


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