St. John’s Blessing of the Animals

Gail and Osita Scott
Photo by Mary Bird
Gail and Osita Scott

The Blessing of the Animals at St. John’s Georgetown Parish on O Street is always a joyous occasion. This year’s event took place on the unusually chilly afternoon of Oct. 2 on the church lawn. Treasured pets happily greeted their friends from various parks and neighborhood jaunts and seemed to recognize that this was a special occasion to honor St. Francis and his protection. Charles DeSantis’s basset Bella bayed on key throughout the gathering hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful. The event is canine dominant but at least two cats joined in and an unusual addition was Ben Sutherland’s leopard gecko Screech. Pets were individually blessed and received St. Francis medals. Treats for all followed in Blake Hall.

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Oct 6, 2011 at 5:19 PM Sarah

Fabulous pictures of a great event.
Everyone looks better and happier when with their pets!!

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