Happy Thanksgiving from The Georgetowner!

The Heritage Turkey at Dean & Deluca.
The Heritage Turkey at Dean & Deluca.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our online readers! Thank you for helping us to be a greener, more interactive, and more effective news source.

In celebration of the season we have some last-minute turkey tips for you. The most convenient places in Georgetown to pick up your dinner’s centerpiece are: Dean & Deluca, for a gourmet choice; Whole Foods, with several organic selections; and Safeway, which brings you a bargain bird.

Dean & Deluca offers up its Heritage Turkey from the Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch, where breeds that are free-range, vegetarian and antibiotic free are raised. The turkeys are sold frozen at $11 per pound and range from eight to 25 pounds.

Whole Foods carries several varieties of turkeys, including organic ($3.99 per pound), kosher ($3.49 per pound), free range ($2.49 per pound), Heirloom ($3.49 per pound) and brined ($2.79 per pound). Size varies.

For store members, Safeway is selling eight to 25 pound turkeys at 58 cents per pound with an additional $25 purchase. Go to WeeklySpecials.Safeway.com for more information and for more savings.

And don’t forget to read our latest Across the Cutting Board column with Chef Ris Lacoste for inspiration on what to do with all the leftovers!

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