Georgetown University’s Graduation Gaff

Georgetown University’s graduating class of 2011 marked the end of their collegiate journey with a ceremony last Friday, May 20, honoring the students who spent four years toiling through term papers, exams and some of the highest tuition rates in the country. The commencement book, part of the graduation package, listed the name and high school of every graduating senior, and the name, undergraduate school and discipline of every graduating graduate student, as well as various other tidbits and commencement-worthy information.

It also contained a rather unfortunate spelling error on the front cover.

The word University was spelled incorrectly on the cover of the book, which was handed out to thousands of students and their families. This is probably not what you want to receive after paying for four years of college tuition.

Georgetown’s registrar has apologized for the mistakes, offering corrected books to students and families upon request. Those who want a new, corrected copy of the commencement book should email

Editorial flubs are unfortunate inevitabilities that we all must live with, especially in the world of new media, blogs and twitter. This paper is far from claiming to be free of editorial transgressions, and our hearts and sympathies go out to Georgetown University in their time of error.

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