It Takes 39th Street Resident Tom Strike to Catch a Thief

Tom Strike with Officer Nicholas Cook
Photo courtesy of Sarah Ford Strike
Tom Strike with Officer Nicholas Cook

Driving near his home on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, Thomas Strike observed a suspicious character on 37th Street, who then walked up to a house and took a delivered package off its porch. Strike got out of his car and shouted at the man: "Sir, is this your box?" The suspect threw the parcel at Strike and ran. Strike then tackled the perpetrator, who had other stolen items on his person, and held him until Metropolitan Police arrived. Strike lives on 39th Street with his wife Sarah and their three children. The neighbor got his package back, and residents are calling Strike a neighborhood hero. "The suspect is going to be charged with assault (on me), theft and trespassing," Strike said. Yes, we'd call that the Luck o' the Irish and a Lucky Strike, too.


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